What is GTA Vice City?

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an action-packed adventure game that’s part of the video game series developed by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto. It’s the fourth game of the series published in October of 2002, firstly for video consoles and later for PC in May of 2003, and it was the second GTA installment to include 3D graphics.

It’s developed in an open world in which we’ll have to complete a series of missions that we’ll be entrusted with by means of instructions we’ll receive or because certain events will unfold. The action takes place in the fictional Vice City in 1986 and its main character, whom we’ll control in third-person, is Tommy Vercetti who has been voiced over by Ray Liotta. This character is a violent guy who solves problems in a violent manner. He’s hefty, he’s 6 foot 2, and 35 years old at the time of the game.

The game’s settings intend to recreate the atmosphere of Miami in the 80s’ that we’ve seen in so many movies, such as Scarface, and series, as in the case of Miami Vice. That’s why we’ll come across plenty of hairspray, impossible hairstyles, horrible clothes, and certain shrillness associated to luxury and drug consumption in such a chic world.

As we said, in this game, we’ll have to take complete missions with the weapons and vehicles we’ll have to get hold of by ourselves by committing crimes and interacting with other players. In turn, there are also additional missions that offer us certain benefits in the case of completing them.