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GTK+ is a runtime environment for many free programs. Enjoy the best stability and the best performance in which you can download GTK+ free on your PC

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GTK+ was initially designed to be able to develop the graphical user interface of GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), but as time has gone by it has evolved and expanded to such a level that it has become the development environment based on objects used by a wide range of applications developed to work on several platforms.

Open-source runtime environment for Windows

As the use of free applications grows each day, many of which have been developed using GTK+, it becomes necessary for the majority of users to install the libraries that integrate it to be able to use these programs without any problems.

Thanks to the GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment we will be able to enjoy quite a few applications (like K-3D, Chromium, Pidgin or VMware Player) with total stability and the best possible performance, managing to exploit the full power of our computer to the maximum extent.

Furthermore, by installing an optional application from the developer's website, we will have the possibility to change the theme of any program that has been developed using GTK+.

Therefore, if you use any application based on GTK+ and you want to be sure that you have it fully updated, download and install GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment.

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