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gTwitter is a simple Twitter client with which you will easily be able to enjoy this great social network. Download gTwitter and communicate efficiently

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gTwitter is the lightest Twitter client that you can install. If you want to have a free Twitter client that is simple, very light and easy to use, try out gTwitter. This development is one of the easiest to use, thanks to the fact that it hasn't yet integrated some of the most advanced functions of the 140-character social network.

  Once we have installed gTwitter it will ask us for the account name and the password to start to tweet on the microblogging network without any problems. And if we receive a reply, direct message (DM) or retweet, the program will notify us immediately.

  The interface used by gTwitter is very simple, it shows us all the avatars of the users, their messages and we can easily check any profile. Thus, we will be able to see who we follow, or check data about other users in case it is worth following someone else on Twitter.

  If you are starting in Twitter and you are looking for people to follow, with gTwitter you will find the perfect way to make use of this social network that is so trendy at present.
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