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Guayadeque is a really complete music player. Download Guayadeque for free and enjoy the many options it offers: lyrics, podcasts, equalizers, etc.

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Guayadeque could well be one of the most interesting players available for Linux. As such, it's already really complete, and if it keeps on the same track, it will become a real reference. It already allows us to subscribe to podcasts, to organize our music library and even to share our music tastes with other users by means of

  The truth is that the Guayadeque's interface will look very similar to that of other applications, because it hasn't tried to innovate anything. It shows the information you need without any problem and allows us to find anything that we may need thanks to the fact that everything is organized by means of tabs. Thus, we'll always have the radios, music library, tab and lyrics (that it can download from the Internet) at hand.

  Guayadeque is compatible with a large amount of files among which we'll find MP3, OGG, FLAC, WMA, WAV and MP4, something that offers us a lot of versatility and makes sure that almost all audio files can be read with it.

  Furthermore, since it's written in C++ the speed at which it launches each task and with which it combines with the system is really fast, something that is really worth taking into account.
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