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Guerrilla Mail is a temporary email solution. Access the Guerrilla Mail website free if you need to receive and send emails without revealing your identity

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Need to register for a service that generates little confidence? Want to send an email without revealing your real address? Want to avoid spam in your account? Guerrilla Mail is the solution to your worries.

The temporary email service you were expecting.

Temporary, customizable email with attachments

Like other disposable email services, Guerrilla Mail lets you use a temporary email address to receive emails without having to register or input any personal data. But it also includes other interesting options:

  • Use a random address or create a customized one.
  • You can choose the name and enter one of the seven domains available.
  • Uses an email alias.
  • Sends mail online from the services homepage, with the possibility of associating attachments.

Acess Guerrilla Mail online for free, a tailor-made temporary email solution.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The website shows advertising.
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