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Guess NFL Team is a game of visual sharpness for Android in which you'll have to guess the name of the American football teams based on their logos

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The American National Football League is the real rage. There's no greater annual sporting event than the Superbowl, although sometimes halftime and time-outs can be more interesting than the game itself. It moves so many millions of dollars that nobody should be surprised about the development of so many applications to make the most of this sport. Are you a real NFL fan? Then face up against the challenge proposed by Guess NFL Team.

Will you be able to find the names of all the NFL teams?

But what's this game all about?

It's basically about guessing the names of the teams through their logo. But that would be too easy for any fan of the league. That's why the icon is hidden under blue squares that we can unveil as we tap the screen. Thus, we'll be able to discover different portions of the badge until we manage to guess the team that it belongs to.

It initially contains 48 levels when you download it from the store but you can purchase more within the game.

If the game weren't easy enough, under the image we'll have a scramble of letters to be fill in the number of gaps to complete the name. So it's just like playing hangman but without killing any stickmen while we're at it. The more blue squares you unveil, the fewer coins you'll win, but you'll be able to double your earnings by watching interesting videos. With those coins you can purchase tips and clues if you get stuck:

  • Show letters: 10 coins.
  • Delete letters: 15 coins.
  • Solve: 30 coins.

There's even an option to ask for help from your friends via WhatsApp or Messenger. But if you're a cheater, you won't find it hard to find the answers on Google. So here go 48 levels full of fun for any NFL geek to kill time while you wait for the next Superbowl.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.
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