gui:config is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to easily access the about:config function. Customize your Firefox's configuration thanks to gui:config

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Firefox has a great customization capacity, but many configuration options are hidden in about:config, therefore, many users don't know how to access them. gui:config solves this problem, as it makes Firefox's advanced settings available for any user. We will be able to change the parameters of about:config by means of tabs and buttons.

Once we have installed gui:config, we will only have to access Advanced settings within Firefox's menu. A window will open with six sections: accessibility, browser, appearance, tabs, network and development.

Accessible advanced settings

  • Allows you to configure how the mouse works.
  • Enable software acceleration.
  • Manage how the browser uses the cache.
  • Configuration of the spell-checker.
  • Customize the texts selected.

Furthermore, with gui:config we will be able to re-establish the default configuration, if we ever regret having modified anything.

Take control of your Firefox and download gui:config for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Runs on Firefox 3.0 or above.
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