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Guitar Girl is a game where we will be able to control the career as a musician in social networks of a girl who plays guitar in the quiet of her room

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Not long ago, the day before yesterday, succeeding in music with a guitar began to learn to play and kick the stages of the neighborhood bars or your town, hoping that someone would listen to you and, from there, you could access worthy concert halls. Who knows if later the contracts would come and, as Def Con Dos said, the jaco chutas.

Triumph in music thanks to streaming

Bob Dylan also warned that times are changing and, in fact, they have changed: now to succeed you only have to be famous on social networks as you can get a legion of followers who see you from the bathroom of their house in their All-Bran moment, after coffee and cigarettes, you know. And this is what Guitar Girl shows us.

In this game we help a cute girl to play the guitar in the solitude of her bedroom and to play some cool songs. Cute as her followers, who will follow her on social networks and for whom we will have to choose clothes or personalize the room. To get followers and so on we will have to click repeatedly on the screen as this has part of idle clicker in addition to managing emails and so on.

You can achieve feats like the following:

  • Enjoy quiet and relaxing songs (forget about watching Pete Townshend busting out the guitar, go).
  • Play the guitar with just a tap of the guitar.
  • Get likes on social networks.
  • Increase your number of fans on social networks.
  • Express your mood with different guitars and dresses.
  • Decorate your room.
  • Get your followers to ask for encores.
  • End up like Loquillo as a singer-songwriter.
Requirements and additional information:
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Shay O’Toole
3 months ago
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