gvSIG is a project dedicate to geomatic science. Download gvSIG free and you will be able to obtain and analyze geographic information in a very precise way

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Geography is dedicated to studying the description and the graphic representation of the Earth: covering physical, biological and human aspects. For those people that are real enthusiasts of this science, we have gvSIG, an application that makes it easy to access maps by means of servers.

Thus, gvSIG is a freeware initiative that will allow the user to obtain geographic information, in a very precise way. In particular, it is framed within a project devoted to geomatics. This science integrates all the resources necessary to carry out the capture, the treatment, the analysis, the interpretation,... to the subsequent dissemination of this information.

This geographic information system includes plenty of cartography data on servers that are compatible with OGC services specifications, which represents an advantage compared to other similar applications.

Main features

  • Handles raster and vector formats.
  • Teledetection and topology tools.
  • Improved symbology in all the maps.
  • Network analysis: distance matrix, Delaunay triangulation, Thiessen polygons,...
  • Multiple editing functions.
  • Compatibility with the main CAD formats.
  • Customization of the interface.
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Antony Peel
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