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Hamachi is a VPN client that allows you to access other computers on the same network remotely. Download Hamachi for free and try its practical functions

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Hamachi, also known as LogMeIn Hamachi, is a secure VPN client that has versions for different operating systems. Thanks to this software we will be able to access any computer that forms part of its network remotely.

  The main idea behind this project is to offer us the possibility to use it to access any computer that uses the same system on a network, without having to take into account if you are trying to access from a computer that uses the Linux, Windows or Mac operating system, or even from a mobile device.

  Among the main features of this software application, we would have to mention:

  - Doesn't require any additional hardware to work.
- Encrypts the data transmission, whether over private or public networks.
- Flexible network, thanks to the use of IP-sec VPN combined with the ease of an SSL VPN network.
- Remote administration, the administrator will be able to access and manage the network from any computer connected to it.
- Free for non-commercial use.

  Therefore, if you're looking for a new VPN client for your favorite Linux distribution, or you simply want to try it out, download and install Hamachi.
Requirements and additional information:
As it's still in development phase it's unable to access computers using other operating systems This download is only compatible with Debian and other distributions based on it (like Ubuntu).
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