Hamilton's Great Adventure

Hamilton's Great Adventure is one of the best platform games of the last few years. Download Hamilton's Great Adventure on your computer to try it out

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Indie games surprise players more each day, be it due to the incredible graphics that they use or by including very interesting background stories, like for example Hamilton's Great Adventure.

A spectacular collaborative game

In Hamilton's Great Adventure the player will have to travel through many different levels, that are distributed around different locations of the ancient civilizations, trying to gather the treasures and solve the different enigmas that they include.

Combine the character's skills.

To be able to solve the enigmas, the player will have to learn to control the two characters, Hamilton and his bird, Sasha, that will have to collaborate with one another to reach the end of the voyage, because each of them has his own different skills.

The game's graphics combine great color with a detail level that is outstanding, as well as posing incredible challenges to the players by means of multiple contraptions.

Download Hamilton's Great Adventure to be able to enjoy one of the best platform games available.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires that Steam is installed and to have an account on that service.
  • The demo only allows to play part of the game.

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Scott McLure
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