HamsterBox is the desktop client for the Megahamster online storage service. Download HamsterBox and share your films, ebooks, photographs and music

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The users of the new Megahamster online storage service are in luck, because now they have a desktop client, HamsterBox, with which they will be able to handle everything that has to do with their account without accessing their browser.

Upload and download files

Thanks to HamsterBox the task of uploading files to the account will be a lot easier, because by means of this simple interface it will be very easy to select the files that you want to upload to their account and in what folder you want to place them.

Likewise, HamsterBox will also make the task of downloading files from the service a lot easier, and it will allow the user to see what files have been downloaded and how long they have left till the downloads finish.

As an additional feature, HamsterBox inludes an audio player, that the user will be able to use with any of the audio files that is stored on the computer.

Your own virtual hamster

One of the cutest facts about HamsterBox is that it adds a small virtual hamster to the desktop (there is a possibility to hide it). At certain moments the hamster will carry out the same actions as the user. For example, if HamsterBox is used to listen to music, it will put headphones on or if a text is written, it will pull a pencil out and write on a notepad.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy an online storage service that will allow you to share your files with your friends and family from your desktop, download HamsterBox.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It is necessary to have an account in the Megahamster service to use this application.
  • Some of the additional services may require payment.
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