Hard Reset

Hard Reset is one of the most interesting independent games of the last few years. Download Hard Reset and help protect the city of Bezoar from the machines

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The majority of the human population has died, and the few people that are left have to fight against the machines constantly to avoid being annihilated. That is the main theme behind Hard Reset, a classic shooter game.

Defend humanity

In Hard Reset you will have to take on the role of Major Fletcher, one of the few member of the combat corporation that maintains the machines at bay. The Major only has one objective in life, to avoid that they infiltrate Bezoar and manage to access “The Sanctuary”.

The futuristic scenography of the game is spectacular, being a mixture of the classic cyberpunk setting with a darker sci-fi scenario. The light and shadows effects are really top notch and some of the enemies that you will encounter will really fright you.

The arsenal that Fletcher has available is divided into two variants, energy weapons and conventional weapons. Both kinds of weapons will offer the possibility to be upgraded through out the adventures, so as to offer the Major a better possibility to survive against his enemies.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy a first person action game that may remind you somewhat of the classics games like Doom or Duke Nukem, you only have to download Hard Reset.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Steam and an account on that service to be able to play.
  • The demo is a reduced version of the game.

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