Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Tricks & Cheats: the best tips for the game

Ever since the first book of the saga was published back in 1997, it was quite obvious that Harry Potter was going to become a huge literary phenomenon. Over 20 years later and with more than 500 million copies sold all over the world, the series written by J. K. Rowling has gone way beyond the literature barrier to also become a cultural and movie phenomenon, with the books about this young wizard apprentice adapted to the silver screen. And we obviously couldn’t go without a wide range of video games for different platforms based on Harry Potter and his friends’ story, amongst which we have to point out this Hogwarts Mystery for Android mobile devices.

It’s an adventure game that takes place years before Harry Potter moved to Hogwarts in which we’ll explore the school of magic’s facilities and interact with the most iconic characters from the books and movies with the intention to learn how to develop magical skills and be able to cast all sorts of spells. All in all, a game that requires a brief tutorial like this one here, where we can find different tricks and tips to complete the different levels and screens that we’re confronted with, becoming a really powerful wizard.

Therefore, over the next lines, we’ll try to explain how to play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, provided that you might the technical requirements necessary for the download and installation of this title developed by Jam City together with Portkey Games at Warner Bros. We’ll also try to help you understand different concepts that will spring up throughout the game and that you’ll need to understand perfectly to be successful in your missions, as is the case of the Cursed Vaults or the House Cup.

From there on, we’ll mainly focus on offering you a series of tip, tricks and also cheats that will give you a minor advantage when it comes to facing different challenges posed throughout the game. Tricks, for instance, to get coins, gems, increase our energy, increase our score or to make friends and reinforce a concept as important as friendship.

And although you may consider it cheating, we’ll also give you all the answers to the questions asked in the potions, flying and charms lessons because if you answer correctly you’ll be able to score more points, which added to your score for winning the House Cup, can lead you to topping the leaderboards.

As always, we’ll pay special attention to future updates and the new tips, tricks, and cheats that you may find useful to surpass the different challenges posed in each new version of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. And of course, if you can’t find the answer to your doubts, simply ask us on our social networks where we’ll be delighted to help you out.

What are the Cursed Vaults in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery?

The rumors say that the Cursed Vaults are five vaults at Hogwarts, the famous school of magic and sorcery. To find the origin of these vaults we have to travel back to the times before the school was founded, just like with the rest of magical elements, and there are several different theories about the latter, such as the possibility that they were placed there by the founders of Hogwarts or that a school director had a mental disease that led him to build them.


Solutions and answers to the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery class questions

Answering correctly to the questions made in the game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is one of the possible methods to earn points that will help us to win the House Cup. These are the answers and solutions to the questions asked in the different charms, potions, and flying lessons.


How to win the House Cup in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

To be able to win the House Cup, we have to make sure that the house that we belong to at the school of magic scores the most points by the end of the academic year. To earn those points we’ll basically need to pass all the lessons taught in class, do all our homework, and not make any mistakes. These are our pieces of advice to high you score as many points as possible:


How to earn coins in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Coins can be purchased with real-life money but also earned by fulfilling different goals and missions in order to receive rewards. These rewards can be earned by completing the missions of the main story or also classes. Once we’ve done so, we can choose to be rewarded with gold coins, basically a second-level currency that we can spend on buying clothes to customize our character. Remember that, apart from the above-mentioned gold coins, you can also choose between the following rewards:


How to play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on Android

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a game that combines adventure and action, offering the user an environment in which we have to keep an eye on different elements and concepts throughout the action.


When was Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery released for Android

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was officially released on April 25th of 2018. Nevertheless, Jam City opened a few months earlier the possibility for users to subscribe to the game so they could be the first to find out when it was exactly going to be published and any other updated about its development.


System requirements to play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on Android

If we bear in mind the indications given by the Google Play Store, to be able to play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery we require an Android device (whether smartphone or tablet) running on version 4.4 or above of this mobile operating system.


How to get extra energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

In the game for Android devices, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, we need as much energy as possible to be able to advance along the game and there are different ways to get hold of it:


How to earn gems in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, gems are the coins that we can use to purchase different improvements for the game, such as energy. The fastest way of earning them is purchasing them with real-life money by means of in-app purchases.


How to make friends in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

To make friends and strengthen the concept of friendship in this game in order to earn rewards, you only have to follow these tips and recommendations:


March 07, 2019