How to play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery on Android

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a game that combines adventure and action, offering the user an environment in which we have to keep an eye on different elements and concepts throughout the action.

The storyline is progressive and since it’s a plot that takes place in a school of magic, each year we stay at the school is different to the previous and following years. That’s why there are events that can’t come ahead of time and we have to be patient and stand by the story’s development, just as we would have to do in any adventure game.

Other concepts that we have to pay attention to are the inventory and the development of our character, represented by elements such as the following:

  • Energy: energy will allow us to advance in the game. We can get energy by completing missions or buying it with gems.
  • Statistical points or level: having a player with a higher level will allow us to access certain actions that would be unreachable on other levels.
  • Gold coins: a second-level currency that we can spend on different items such as clothes to customize our character.
  • Gems: the first-level currency with which we can purchase the rest of elements. We can earn them by means of rewards for fulfilling goals or purchasing them with real-life money.
  • House points: which we can use to compete in the House Cup. If we win, we’ll earn an extra 100 gems.

Another important concept to be taken into account by Hogwarts Mystery players is friendship and relationships with other characters, as they are essential to be able to advance in the game. Interacting with them and giving the appropriate answers is a must to reinforce our character and make progress.