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Hater is an alternative to Tinder based on matching people according to what they hate: choose what you hate the most and find people with similar dislikes

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Tinder is one most popular dating applications of all those available in the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store... if not the most. Its swipe-left-and-right system to discard candidates or search for a match has been recreated by dozens of other apps to find our significant other. Nevertheless, its approach could still be taken a step further.

Build upon hatred

Because you might both be fans of Katy Perry but what if you're a Spurs fan and the other person is a Gunner? And what if you're a white wine drinker and your date only drinks red? And what if you prefer the countryside and your other half prefers the beach? Well, it could turn out to be quite a disaster.

But if from the very beginning you say that you hate Arsenal, red wine, and the sand, there won't be any room for misunderstandings, mistakes and false expectations. In the future, you can build a solid and long-lasting relationship upon all those things you like together... And that's what Hater is all about. Sounds silly? Well, not much more than Tinder.

The app offers us a similar system to search for candidates, swiping left and right depending on whether they catch your eye or not, being able to restrict the search area to your whereabouts and sign up using your Facebook credentials.

Therefore, if you're fed up of telling everyone what you love to end up in a disastrous relationship, start off the other way around: share what you hate and build together upon your common enemy.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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