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Hazel is a tool capable of cleaning and organising your Mac, without having to handle it step by step. Hazel is a program that is very easy to use

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Many of the computers in the world have at least one folder in which files are disorganized and each day it becomes more and more difficult to be able to sort them. Hazel is a program that will carry out "housekeeper" tasks on your Mac, because it will take care of cleaning the bin and organizing everything that you download according to several parameters (extension, date, size,...), among other things.

  The interface is rather simple and how it works is similar to the tool that allows us to create rules for Mail.app, thus programming any task will only be a matter of a few minutes. One of the most appealing features of the program is that it is compatible with Automator, Applescript and Shell scripts, that will make it very easy to be able to integrate functions from other developments into this tool.

  Last of all, but not less important, it integrates perfectly with Spotlight and Growl, something that guarantees intuitive and quick handling.

  Download Hazel as soon as possible and discover one of the most versatile tools to keep your computer neat and tidy.
Requirements and additional information:
This program can be tried out for 14 days.
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