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Olivia wants to become a chef and renovate a wrecked kitchen, but she will need your help by completing puzzles to succeed in the game Hell's Kitchen

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This beautiful and vibrant puzzle and decoration game from the WeAreQiiwi Interactive AB studio takes us to Hell's Kitchen. But not in the popular New York area, but in a wrecked kitchen that Olivia, a novice chef, wants to turn into a success. Will you lend her a hand so she can make her dream come true?

Welcome to your Hell's Kitchen

Olivia, a young chef with lots of dreams for the future, has just bought a property to open her restaurant. But this girl is serious about going big or going home, instead of starting with something modest and small, she decides to buy a mansion in ruins. Our mission will be to help her fix the place.

Will she be able to make her dream of becoming a chef come true and successfully manage the kitchen of a world-famous company?

The game mechanics are not exactly original, but they are very entertaining. We must solve match-3 puzzles where we have to combine at least three equal elements. In each mission, we will have to collect a certain number of items, but we will have a limited number of movements. Also, if we get stuck in some of the levels, we can use boosters to help us get through.

Every time we solve a puzzle, we can perform a repair or decoration task in the restaurant. Olivia will let you make all the decisions regarding the interior design, so you can customize the place to your liking within the three options offered for each element.

On the other hand, Hell's Kitchen introduces a useful and innovative feature: an album where you can collect all the character's cards and recipes that you have unlocked. And all these features while discovering a nice story where you will even have to solve some mysteries.

The graphics are quite simple, while the character design is a bit tame. However, it is an excellent option if we want to relax, as both the music and the overall experience are relaxing.

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