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Find tutorials given by experts in any subject thanks to Helpouts. If you're the one that masters a certain discipline, you can create a course in Helpouts

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One of the greatest aspects of the Internet is the amount of users willing to share and transmit their knowledge. Google has taken this aspect into account, and that's why it has created Helpouts, a platform that offers courses taught by individuals regarding any subject you can think of.

Do you need to learn? Let an expert teach you

If you need to find out how something is done, you can resort to Helpouts. By means of its search engine, or browsing through its categories, you'll be able to find courses taught by experts offered individually and by video conference. You only need to find the course you want and send a message to the instructor to arrange a time at which you'll both be online to attend the lesson, in the case that the course isn't scheduled beforehand. There are both free and paid courses, and Google guarantees a total refund of the customers isn't satisfied with the service.

An excellent platform to share knowledge.


  • All sorts of courses distributed into eight categories.
  • Search engine for courses.
  • Possibility to suggest courses not available in Helpouts.
  • Subjects taught by experts.
  • Guaranteed refund if the customer isn't satisfied.
  • User area with registry of activity on Helpouts.

Are your the expert?

Maybe you're an expert in a certain subject. As Helpouts is about sharing knowledge and skills so that everyone can benefit, you might be interested in creating your own helpout. And who knows, you just might be able to earn some money with it... Helpouts offers you everything you need to create a course.

Helpouts by Google offers you the possibility to find somebody to teach you how to play the piano, decorate your home, cook or any other activity you require help with.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a Google user account.
  • Paid courses are paid by means of Google Wallet.
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