Heroes of the Storm

Live an epic battle between classic Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo characters in Heroes of the Storm, an MOBA video game from the Blizzard factory
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Blizzard Entertainment has become the video game development company par excellence in terms of online video games. Thanks to the success of Warcraft over time, any title launched by this Californian studio comes along with plenty of expectations.

The MOBA hybrid of Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo

As couldn't be otherwise, Heroes of the Storm is one of those titles that everyone has been eagerly awaiting, especially because it brings us under the same title, characters from three of Blizzard most popular sagas: Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo.

It's an MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game in which the characters of the three titles face each other in fierce battles. In other words, those crazy divagations that any gamer has about who would win a combat to death between Arthas or Raynor, for instance, now have a solution.

Blizzard's best titles, together in a single game.

5 vs 5 collaborative game

Heroes of the Storm's gameplay involves collaborative fights of 5 players against 5. Your mission is obviously to wipe out your enemies on different maps, so that you can build up talent points. These points allow players to customize and improve the skills of their heroes.

The system takes into account the level of group collaboration to increase the powers of each character.

Any gamer's dream: to be able to compare characters from different video games.

Customized gaming modes

As it's a game focused on groups of player, Blizzard has tried to be very flexible when it came to offering gaming modes that would satisfy the more the better. Here are some of them:

  • Tutorials: aimed at newbies so that they can learn the game in depth.
  • Practice: for players that have passed the tutorial and want to learn how to play with each character.
  • Cooperative: 5 characters controlled by humans fight against 5 bots controlled by AI on random maps.
  • Quick match: five real-life players face another five on any of the seven battlegrounds. Players are chosen according to their level.
  • Hero league: gamers use heroes in individual competitive mode. Player compete and their ranking is adjusted at the end of the season.
  • Team league: players chose to be part of a team that competes in league mode.

What kind of heroes can I find in Heroes of the Storm?

There are 4 types of heroes available, among which we'll find characters from Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo, which are some of Blizzard's and the video gaming world's mosts important titles of the last few years. We'll even come across a few unexpected surprises...

  • Assassins: they cause plenty of damage, but they have to choose their battles carefully due to their lack of resistance. The Assassins include The Butcher, Kael'Thas, Thrall, Jaina, Tychus, Kerrigan, Nova, Falstad, Valla, Illidan, Raynor and Zeratul.
  • Warriors: they're the strike force, less lethal than the Assassins, but more resistant. You can choose between Leoric, Johanna, Anub'Arak, Chen, Stitches, Arthas, Rexxar, Diablo, Tyrael, ETC, Sonya and Muradin.
  • Support: they take part helping with cures and other skills that aid their teammates during the battle. The support heroes include Rehgar, Alafeliz, Li Li, Uther, Malfurion, Tassadar, Tyrande, Karazhim and Morales.
  • Specialists: characters with more specific roles that provide customized weapons to each team. Choose between Sylvanas, Azmodan, Zagara, Murky, Nazeebo, Gazlowe, Abathur, Sgt Hammer and... yes, The Lost Vikings, the characters of the classic game that have made a surprise cameo in Heroes of the Storm.

Free to play mode

This game allows anyone to have fun for free. But the truth is that it's financed by means of micropayments that allow each player to unlock certain aspects of the game, improving the skills of their characters and, therefore, reach a higher ranking in the long run.

A real multiplayer action challenge brought to you by Blizzard and that's waiting for you on Battle.net.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a user account on Battle.net.
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