6.07.08 HEXelon MAX is a complete scientific calculator that will help you to solve mathematical operations. Download HEXelon MAX to be able to solve any equation
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There are many scientific calculators, that is why launching an application that is different from the rest can be complicated. HEXelon MAX has managed to launch a calculator with enough innovations to convince those users that need to quickly solve equations.

A complete and customizable calculator

HEXelon MAX allows the user to create their own functions, solve all kinds of mathematics calculations from sums and subtractions to angular equations, sines, cosines, logarithms,... In case it is necessary, it is also possible to configure variables that can be customized by the user, something very interesting if we are going to carry out a lot of calculations and will always require a specific figure.

With regard to the nomenclature, the data can be input in binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal without any problems. The interface is completely customizable, with the possibility to customize the keyboard that appears on the screen (for a total of 5 users) to the functioning of various simultaneous calculations.

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Scott McLure
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