Hidden my game by mom 2 - escape room iPhone


We've behaved very badly. What are the consequences? Hidden my game by mom 2 - escape room or, in other words, we have to find our video game console

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All kids behave badly at some point. We haven't done our homework on time, we've forgotten about our chores of settings the table, we've refused to eat because we didn't like the food on our plate, we've forgotten to take the rubbish out... And we could continue with a long list of examples of bad behavior, depending on the cockiness of each one of us. However, regardless of the nature of our different naughty actions, they all had a common element: a punishment.

No! Please, don't take my console away!

And if we had video games, we never left our console alone and playing was an essential part of our childhood, our parents always came up with an original idea to punish our bad behavior. Which one? Hiding our console in the most unsuspected places, and that's precisely what this Hidden my game by mom 2 - escape room is all about. Just like the first installment of the game.

Where is the video game console?

A rather crafty kid that hasn't behaved too well will see how his mother takes control of the situation, confiscating this portable game machine and hiding it somewhere around the house to make sure he can't find it. The game is obviously about exploring our house searching for the console, making use of all sorts of usual elements such as stairs and furniture. We'll have to take a look inside cupboards, drawers, under the sofa, or even in the fridge and microwave. Because as time goes by our mom we'll learn how to hide it better.

But if our mother catches us out trying to search for the video game, it will be game over and time to start all over again.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 6.1.
  • Compatible with:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • iPod touch
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