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Hide My Ass! is a site that offers a free proxy service to allow you to browse the Internet anonymously. Discover this and other tools with Hide My Ass!

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Hide My Ass! is a free proxy service to which you can connect at any moment to guarantee the privacy of your data over the Internet.

This web proxy is the solution when you access websites the contents of which has been blocked due to geographical matters: simply enter and type the web address that you want to visit using a proxy service from the list.

The largest free real-time database of public proxy servers.


  • Free web proxy. Browse the Internet anonymously.
  • Hide your IP address, protect your online identity, hide your history and secure your network connection.
  • Wide range of free proxies within your reach, sorted by countries and with real-time information.
  • Also offers VPN services, an anonymous mail system, access to free programs dedicated to privacy over the web and even a service to upload and share files.

Guarantee your network security

At the top of the interface, you can choose the tool that you want to use. Hide My Ass! offers online privacy and identity protection services that are really easy to use, which are almost essential nowadays, in which fraud, identity theft or activity monitoring are the norm.

Enter Hide My Ass! and take advantage of its simple and effective tools to protect yourself while you browse the Internet.

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