Download HipHop right now and discover the online music playback system based on P2P that it includes. HipHop is to music what Popcorn time is to movies

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The model behind Popcorn Time, offering movies via streaming, has been imitated in the music world by HipHop. As you can imagine, it's a client to play music online, making the most of P2P connections.

After all, Spotify may not be the quintessence of online music.

Just like its version for movies, HipHop offers you on its main interface a very basic panel on which you'll be able to view which songs you can play, a menu panel to access the Top songs chart and the playback history, and a search engine to manually input songs and singers. At the bottom you'll find the player with very simple controls. It couldn't be any easier or more straightforward. You don't really need anything else, do you?

Main features of HipHop

  • Music playback via streaming based on P2P connections.
  • More than 45 million songs available.
  • Create playlists.
  • Integrated manual search engine.

Therefore, playing music on the Internet has taken another step forwards. Download HipHop for free and find out for yourself.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
HipHop Team
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