HippoName will help you to find a name for your child. Download HippoName free and you will find it a lot easier to choose an adequate name for your baby

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The latest generations have grown up surrounded by computers and game consoles. We use these machines for everything on earth. And now we can even use them to find a name for our babies.

  If you start to think of names for your baby, you soon end up running out of ideas, and you only come up with the typical John, Jack, James and Thomas if it's a boy, or Mary, Patricia, Olivia and Ruby if it's a girl, you probably won't be able to decide, that's why you need HippoName.

  HippoName is the largest collection of female and male names that has been gathered for an application, where you'll find both classic names and some really original ones.

  To make it easier to use the application offers the user a series of options, like:
- Show names that start with a specific letter.
- Select only the names that contain certain letters.
- Show names according to their origin: Japanese, German, African,...
- See the meaning of each name.
- Show only the names that have been selected as favorites, that will help us make the final decision.

  Use HippoName with precaution, and think about your baby's name, because a name is for life.
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