With HitmanPro you'll have a second security layer on your computer that you can use to reinforce the analyses and scans of your antivirus program

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In our everyday life we usually turn to second opinions before making a decision. Why don't we adopt this same approach when it comes to our computer's security? That's the idea developed by HitmanPro.

Your great security expert

It's basically a scanner designed to coexist with other primary security solutions on your PC as is the case of any antivirus. Its mission is to detect or confirm the presence of viruses or other malware that may have avoided your primary antivirus. With this idea in mind, you can increase significantly your data's security by equipping the system with an extra protection level.

Fast, reliable and efficient.


  • Behavioral detection.
  • High-speed scans.
  • Doesn't require installation (can be run from a USB, CD, DVD or a hard drive associated to a social network).
  • Confirmation of suspicious files with the online database.
  • Possible infected files are put in quarantine.

Don't hesitate to check things up with a second voice of authority and start using your computer without worries.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
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