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Home Multimedia Library will allow you to manage all the multimedia contents of your computer from a database, check it out after you download this program

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As multimedia contents (music, videos and photos) accumulate on the hard drive of a computer each day it is more difficult to have everything well organized so that it can be accessed easily and quickly. To make this a lot simpler you can use Home Multimedia Library.

  This application is a database that has been designed specifically for multimedia content. Thanks to Home Multimedia Library you will be able to manage, organize and play the vast majority of music and video files, as well as being able to view your images.

  Home Multimedia Library uses the Ribbon interface that has become so common lately thanks to Microsoft Office applications, with the possibility to change between the different functions in a quick and dynamic way. The central area of the interface is dedicated to the catalog software, with the possibility to use it to play the files or view the images.

  Another interesting element of Home Multimedia Library is the possibility to change the color of the interface by means of skins included in the application, so that it resembles the one that you use for Windows, thus managing a greater integration with the general operating system.

  Therefore, if you want a catalog program that will allow you to organize and enjoy all the multimedia contents of your computer, download and install Home Multimedia Library.
Requirements and additional information:
This download is an installer that requires an Internet connection to download the programs that this software may require to work. It may be necessary to have certain codecs installed to play certain media files. The trial period is 15 days. The program may have certain problems if the interface language is changed.
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