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Settle communication problems at work with Honey, a social network specialised in sharing labour information. Access Honey right now free of charge

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Honey appears with the intention of becoming the perfect means of communication for workmates. You share your life on Facebook, your thoughts on Twitter... Why not work issues with your workmates on a social network conceived for this purpose?

All the people you work with in the same place.

One of the problems detected by the creators of Honey in the business scope is the absence of a place where to share labour information. Honey takes the best things from social networks and applies them to the business world to improve the management of information between workers.

The social network for workers

Add your workmates to your contact list and exchange significant information about your activities. Honey shows a list of posts with information and their corresponding replies.

You will be able to add multimedia content to the messages, and the latter can also be voted in order to acquire greater importance. Honey is a kind of internal forum for businesses that intends to be an efficient alternative to traditional email inboxes.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The platform is free for teams of up to 10 people.
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