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Care for, train and ride your own horses in Horse World for Android. You can teach them tricks and train them to compete in jump courses like professionals

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Who hasn’t dreamed of living amongst green prairies and pastures surrounded by trees, while caring for and training horses? Sounds great, doesn’t it? (it’s actually very hard work). But most of us don’t actually get that opportunity.

Horse World allows you to enjoy that experience, at least to a certain extent, even if it is through a management game on Android. The game is all about living the full experience on a pretty farm with stables where you can care for your horses, train them, compete in jump courses over obstacles and ride through the countryside as often as you like.

Main features of Horse World

  • Groom, clean, feed, exercise and shoe your horses, so that they have the energy and desire to be trained and ridden.
  • Ride and improve your riding skills by training your horses in show jumping and doing all you can to help them achieve the best times.
  • Collect horseshoes by completing challenges so that you can purchase stuff that will improve your horses’ skills.
  • Train your horses so that they get through all the jump course tests.
  • Ride whenever the mood takes you and gallop through infinite spaces to the sea or the countryside far from everything.

Finally, if you really like the game, we recommend that you get rid of advertising by purchasing in-app, so that the ads don’t spoil your enjoyment of the game through rather long videos.

Requirements and additional information:
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Sean Mitchell
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