HouseCall is a program to analyze your PC in search of viruses and dangerous software. Download HouseCall and protect your system very easily and quickly

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HouseCall is a lightweight antivirus that works over the Internet that locates any virus or trojan infecting your computer. This application doesn't require any installation nor large updates. HouseCall explores the system and protects you from threats without you hardly even noticing that it is working.

  When you launch the application, HouseCall will search on the Internet for the updates necessary to protect the computer. After that, you have to choose the kind of analysis that you want to perform: quick, complete or customized. The option for customized analyzing will allow you to choose what units or folders of the computer you want to scan. In what regards to the quick scan, it allows you to carry out a search on the crucial areas of the system, thus reducing the waiting time.

  After selecting the kind of analysis, HouseCall will start to search for threats. Once you have concluded the search, it will show the threats it has found and will indicate how to solve the problems it has detected.

  HouseCall doesn't require heavy updates, because by means of its intelligent exploration technology it checks the patterns on the Internet to be able to detect the latest threats.
Requirements and additional information:
Requires an Internet connection.
Trend Micro, Inc.
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
1.9 MB

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