How to play the Guitar 2


How to play the Guitar is the second part of this course that allows to play the guitar. Download How to play the Guitar 2 and improve your technique

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If you have already finished the first part of this series, it's time for you to start How to play the Guitar 2. This second part of this instrument based music learning series created by Amar Guerfi focuses on improving your technique when playing Blues, Rock and Folk songs, with special attention to the control of the arpeggio and plucking techniques. In other words, the intermediate level.

Learn to play the guitar with this unbeatable method

How to play the Guitar 2 takes for granted that the user dominates all that was explained in How to play the Guitar 1, because going over them again would have no use. In this second installment, we'll learn and work with the slide, hammering-on, pulling-off and put them into practice.

Furthermore, thanks to How to play the Guitar 2 we will be able to play harmonies with three and four sounds as well being able to dominate how to use the capo by the end of the course.

To sum up, this course starts to get interesting in this second part, and it will help us to improve our skill with this popular instrument that is essential in any music formation that wants to triumph in the world of rock or pop.

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