How to play HQ Trivia on Android

Playing HQ Trivia on an Android smartphone is identical to doing so on an iPhone, device for which this application is also available. We only have to follow these simple steps to learn how to play:

  1. Step 1: the first thing to do is to register as a user. If you’re feeling lucky or you’re optimistic by nature, you can also include your PayPal address as that’s where your prize money will be paid in the case of becoming a winner.
  2. Step 2: then you’ll have to sign up for the contests. Two are held every day, one at 3 pm and another one at 9 pm. However these times correspond to the East Coast time zone. So if you live elsewhere in the USA or in any foreign country, you’ll have to adapt those times to your current time zone.
  3. Step 3: once the contest starts, you’ll have to face up to a set of ten questions. The latter are asked in English, just like the rest of the contest, and there are four possible options but only one correct answer.
  4. Step 4: when the question is asked, you’ll have a certain amount of time to answer, short enough to not be able to look for the solution on Google. If you answer correctly, you’ll get to the next round, if not, you’ll be knocked out although you can continue to watch the contest.
  5. Step 5: if you manage to answer all ten questions successfully, you’ll share the prize money with the rest of winners. Compared to all the players that start off, only a bunch of lucky users get to the end because the questions get harder and harder.