1.6 HTMLZip is a tool compress the HTML and JavaScript code of any website in such a way that it end up weighing less. Download HTMLZip and improve your web
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When a web page starts to become popular, it may start to have problems with the server. The problems can span from the web going offline and suffering timeouts, that are common on free servers when they suffer overload symptoms, to cancellation of our account or addition charges to our end of the month bill.

Compress your web's HTML code

This is why it is very practical to compress the HTML and Javascript generated by our webs. HTMLZip is the ideal tool to do exactly that, it generates a compressed file with the HTML code and Javascript that once sent to the browsers, they understand it, decompress it and generate the page.

HTMLZip generates compressed files that are compatible with Firefox versions 1.0 up to 3.x, Safari, Internet Explorer up to version 7 and Opera. It supports Unicode, plus national characters and fully supports online Javascript code.

With HTMLZip it is possible to manage up to 50% compression ratio, achieving that data transfer is a lot lower, and as a result of this the load on the server memory is less and the processing time a lot quicker.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain functions limited.
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Scott McLure
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