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Where will your decisions take you? Hyper Life is a beautiful life simulator in which we must choose our own path through various different options

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Life is about making decisions continuously, all the time, without stopping. In this Suji Games game we have to face curious questions and make decisions as we go, which will lead us down one or another path in life.

Which path will you choose?

Our mission in Hyper Life is just to live. Not for nothing do we call it an interesting life simulator. At each level we will be asked a question related to the age of our character, such as childhood, youth or old age. The questions tend to be quite simple, like what is our favorite word or what would we do if we were left in the dark with our partner.

We'll have three possible answers for each question. Depending on which one we choose, we will earn money, love or intelligence. This will help us choose answers blocked by ability in the following questions.

Small choices lead to all sorts of strange consequences in this compact simulation of life!

How the game develops is really interesting, as we get to see how we evolve in life, making friends, losing them, meeting our partner... Each decision will have its consequence, as in real life, and only our choices decide how far our character will go in their life.

Although some music would be a nice addition, the 3D graphics are pretty cool, offering us a good-looking environment, but lacking in photos. The downside is the large number of ads we'll have to see between questions. However, we can always pay for the pro version and forget about them.

Will we get to grow old? We just have to download the APK file to find out.

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Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
Suji Games
6 months ago
97 MB

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