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Travel around futuristic scenarios in Hyperburner for Android phones and tablets trying to avoid crashing into all the obstacles you'll find on your way

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If you remember Sega's classic After Burner, whether you played back then or you still play it on your PC thanks to MAME, Hyperburner will definitely look familiar. In fact, it's based on the same concept: controlling a vehicle flying around at full speed trying to avoid obstacles that you may crash into.

In this case, it's not an F-14 Tomcat and there aren't any enemies trying to shoot us down, but a hasty spaceship that travels around futuristic scenarios full of obstacles and where it's very easy to crash.

Excellent video game that will put your reflexes to the test.

These are the credentials of this video game that, at least in the case of Android, you won't be able to download for free (unlike iPhone and iPad). To download and install the APK of its version 1.13 you'll have to rummage through your pockets unless you resort to Aptoide or any other alternative to Goole Play.

The truth is that if you enjoy playing games that put your reflexes to the test on futuristic scenarios, this is a really recommendable application because you're not even going to have time to blink: as soon as you take off you'll see how hard it is... but still very entertaining.

Main features

The only drawback regarding this game is that it requires at least 2 GB of RAM and hardware requirements that are only available on high-end phones. If you've got one, you'll be able to enjoy the following features:

  • 6 gaming areas with 5 levels in each one of them.
  • Unlock new spacecraft as you make progress in the game.
  • Control how much distance you've traveled during your flight.
  • Endless game mode.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.
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