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HyperDither is a simple application with which you will be able to apply the dithering effect to the images. HyperDither converts images in black and white

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HyperDither is a program that has a single function: convert the images to black and white in 1-bit mode. This process is also known as dithering, and it consists in combining two colors to manage to represent other colors. In this case, HyperDither converts all the pixels from the images to black and white, creating a very original effect.

  To use HyperDither you only have to drag and drop the images to the interface of the application. You will automatically see the effect created. HyperDither only offers two possibilities to modify this effect: you can increase the contrast and the sharpness of the points. What's more, you will be able to oppen various windows to see the original images and the modified image.

  HyperDither allows the possibility to save the image in PNG format. What's more, you can assign a folder so that HyperDither applies the effect to all the images.

  If you want to change your photographs and a apply an attractive and very original effect, try HyperDither. As well as being a free tool, it is very easy-to-use and it provides an elegant effect.
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