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With i-Doser you get high without having to worry about any side effects. By means of binaural waves you'll be able to get away from the bothersome reality

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Fed up of hiding? Feel like a criminal every time you visit your dealer? Don't worry, the developers of i-Doser have thought about you and have created a program so you don't have a bad time going to that dangerous corner in your neighborhood to meet your usual dealer. This program is meant to stimulate your senses just like drugs, but without the side effects (the nasty ones, obviously).

Drugs based on sound

This program gets you wasted by means of binaural waves that stimulate your brain emitting sounds at different frequencies, but always below the 30 Hz. Then this organ gets as excited as if he'd just met that guy that used to give out free sweets at your school gate.

No more excuses saying somene has put something in your drink.

The program comes along with three free doses that will get you really high (or at least that's what its developers say). But of course, once you've finished with the free samples, if you want to get hold of some more, you'll have to buy some new ones for a reasonable price of 10 dollars each. Or did you think that drugs were for free?

Now you know, if cold turkey is your favorite meat, don't hesitate to download i-Doser.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This version includes 3 free doses.
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