I Know This Mac


In Jurassic Park one of the characters hacked an operating system with a fictional graphical interface while shouting I Know This. Now you can play on it!

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Jurassic Park's scene, in which an impossible operating system is hacked, has become a real pop icon. To such an extent that I Know This has taken it to the video game world.

A GUI that is as impossible as crazy

In this game we'll hand the graphical user interface that the girl from the movie took control of to find the Gold Folder, with the file that lets her control the park. This time around there aren't any dinosaurs that want to eat anyone, so you won't feel so much pressure, but if you don't do it right they'll remind you that you really suck as a hacker.

Hack with an assistant that looks just like Clippy.

And an assistant that looks a lot like Microsoft Office's Clippy will be there to remind you what to do. Although, the truth is that he's there to bother you rather than to help you out. So, this game doesn't have anything missing: it comes along with the craziest things from Jurassic Park (which aren't precisely the dinosaurs) and an assistant that resembles Clippy.

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