With iBin you can place a recycling bin on your pendrive. Download iBin free and you will be able to recover the files that have been deleted from the USB

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One of the main problems of USB memories is that on many occasions we delete data stored on them and, as opposed to what happens on a hard drive, this data can't be recovered. This is due to the fact that USB pendrives don't include a recycle bin, this is no longer a problem because we have a solution thanks to iBin.

A recycling bin for your USB sticks

It's a utility that is installed on our pendrive and carries out the function of a deposit for deleted files, that can be restored whenever you want. The application has an options panel, thanks to which we can configure keyboard shortcuts for whenever we work with files from the USB memory, access to the recycle bin and direct access to the program.

iBin also gives us the chance to store in the recycle bin those files that we want, allowing us to delete those files that we are sure that we no longer need. If you're always using your pendrive to move files and you have lost data now and again, you'll surely be interested in this practical utility.

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Antony Peel
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