iCarbon can photocopy your documents by synchronizing your scanner and printer. Obtain a multifunction printer at home once you download iCarbon for free

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If you want to photocopy any document at home, and you don't own an all-in-one printer, first you have to scan the document before you printi it out, and it takes you minutes to do what you would take seconds to do with a photocopier or all-in-one printer. iCarbon is here to save us time and money.

  This tool allows us to photocopy any document with the same versatility we would have with an all-in-one printer, because it detects our scanner and our printer and synchronizes them so the printer directly prints anything we scan.

  iCarbon has a very simple interface, that will allow us to configure several different aspects of the photocopies we want to make, like quality, the color (black and white, gray scales or color) and the contrast. Furthermore, every different configuration can be stored as a preset, that we will be able to access directly from the application's main screen.

  Make all the photocopies you want from home, thanks to iCarbon.
Requirements and additional information:
It is necessary to have a scanner and a printer installed to launch the application.
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