7.8.1 To manage your personal economy you should download iCash, a software application to manage your income. Keep track of your cash flow thanks to iCash
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iCash is a program to manage your personal finances and thus carry out an in depth control of income, expenses, transactions... Register all your financial movements and control every last detail of your economy.

Still a bit green? No problem at all

The best thing about everything is iCash is a program that is very easy-to-use that doesn't require any knowledge about accounts, thus anybody will be able to keep track about his cash flow. This makes it an advisable both for the professional sector as well as for household accounting.

Income and expense tracking, the first step to control your cash flow.


  • Software to manage your money: income, expenses, bank movements, debts, etc.
  • Create unlimited accounts and synchronize the movements between each of them.
  • Includes an SQL database engine capable of creating automatic backup copies.
  • Carry out checks or generate reports automatically.
  • Organize your accounts into categories and subcategories.
  • Offers support for currencies and exchange editor.
  • Program periodical transactions.
  • Import and export accounts, categories and transactions in OFX, QIF and CSV format.

Do you want to manage your money correctly? Download iCash and you will be able to register all your financial movements.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version is limited to 100 transactions and 100 accounts.
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