IconSort is a tool to save the position of each of the icons and be able to restore it when desired. Download IconSort free and order your desktop

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The number of icons that a person can have on the Windows desktop can be really enormous. Between games, applications, files, direct access icons, folders,... there are all kinds, and generally, we have a certain amount of control over where each one of them is. That is why it is so bothersome when something or someone messes them up. Luckily, when this happens, IconSort is the solution.

Manage your desktop's icons

This little application stays open on the system tray so that when we ask it, it places all the icons according to the rules we have previously configured it with. Thus, when an application changes all our desktop's direct access icons, with this simple application we will be able to return it to how it was before.

Thanks to IconSort, the applications that annoy us by moving the icons, be it due to resolution problems or other reasons, won't cause us to waste any time reorganizing our desktop.

The application has two known bugs, one that creates an error when we press Win+D and then try to restore the icons, and another one that if you have too many icons on your desktop, the application has to be used various times to completely restore each icon to its original spot.

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Antony Peel
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