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id3fs is the quickest way to index all the contents of your music library. Download id3fs will allow you to search for music looking for any criteria

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When you have spent some time using the same computer it is very common to accumulate a rather large amount of music files. And when it comes the time to listen to something it is possible that you may no find the files that you are looking for, or you may only be interested in listening to music from a certain period. To manage this it is good to have a program like id3fs.

  This simple application developed in Perl create a directory structured database, in which it organized all the files into different categories based on all the data that it obtains from the ID3 tags of the files stored on the computer.

  Once it is installed and the database is created, if you want to search for music based on any criteria, you will only have to go to the appropriate folder in the directory and you will be able to find all the files that meet the indicated criteria.

  Therefore, if you want to have a simple and effective way of indexing all the music files on your hard drive, download and install id3fs.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires an operating system with FUSE support that has Perl installed. As well as that, it requires that the following Perl modules are installed: libfuse-perl, libdbi-perl, libdbi-sqlite3-perl, libmp3-tag-perl, libaudio-flac-header-perl and libogg-vorbis-header-perl.
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