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Your drawings, doodles, and creatures will come to life in Idle Draw Earth, a cute casual game in which players are able to shape their own custom world

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Videogames are a reflection of reality. But what if we could insert reality into a videogame? This is the idea on which this cute, guileless game from the New Story studio is based.

The virtual life of your doodles

Idle Draw Earth is a nice game for all ages in which we get to create the characters. After downloading the APK file and before starting our match, we will have to create our first character by finger drawing on the screen.

Next, our newly-drawn creature will sprout hands and feet and will appear on a small island. Our task involves gathering resources in the form of plants, gradually expanding our land, and unlocking new islands.

Every time a yellow cube appears, we will be able to expand our island or upgrade some of its items. Our characters will set to work and will start performing all kinds of tasks, such as cultivating a small orchard, lighting a bonfire, or building a house.

Let's draw your creatures!

This is an original and innocent game that transports us to a relaxing world handcrafted by us and where evil does not exist. However, the ads do get a bit annoying after playing for a few minutes.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 9.0.
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Sean Mitchell
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