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Idle Life Sim is a game where you will be able to develop your own life. Start from scratch and move up the social ladder at the same time as your work

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How would you like a chance to start over with your life? Well, that's very complicated and it's up to you more than an app but if you want to have fun pretending to start your life over, Idle Life Sim is the game you're looking for.

Build your life from the ground up

In this idle game you can create an avatar and assign it a career from which you can start at the bottom, at the beginning. Thanks to it you will start earning money that you can invest in material goods and also in academic training that will help you to progress in your work and earn more money.

This is a fun life simulation game that shows you, in a rather fictional way obviously, what it is like to climb the social pyramid thanks to your work. But forget about the different obstacles that the individual finds in real life and that are determined by his socioeconomic reality that we have come here to play and have fun. The context Marx was talking about (not Groucho, Karl).

But well, that the game is not intended to be a capitalist potluck for the weak. Let's focus on some of the features it offers because, in fact, it turns out to be quite entertaining and fun:

  • Create your avatars.
  • Customize your house.
  • Choose your career and move up in it.
  • Make important decisions in your life.
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Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
Over a year ago
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