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Do you think running a police station is easy? In Idle Police Tycoon not only will we have to manage a police station but we will also have to make a profit

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Police work is interesting but it can also be laborious and complicated. Would you be capable of managing it? In this simulator from Codigames, we will have to run a police station while also turning it into a profitable enterprise. Are we up to the task?

A police officer for a day

Fans of the police genre who decide to download the APK file of Idle Police Tycoon will certainly enjoy themselves enormously. This is a resource management and strategy game in which we will have to manage a range of facilities in a police station.

The goal here is to turn each branch into a renowned and prestigious police station. To do so, we will have to respond to the needs of headquarters while expanding our enterprise and also ensuring that the streets are safe.

Are you be capable of running a police station and becoming a tycoon?

We will have to start with the basics: hiring efficient office staff and police officers. Then we will have to go from department to department buying upgrades, while always bearing in mind income and outgoings in order to make our enterprise profitable.

We will also have to build new facilities, provide our team with the right tools, learn investigative skills, expand offices, speed up the red tape... Heck, there will always be something to do.

The experience offered by this game is a lot of fun and very interesting, especially if we like the genre. Moreover, it features some very nice minimalist 3D graphics and a soundtrack that invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of police work.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
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