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IE Accelerator will help you to accelerate the browsing speed and software download speed of Internet Explorer. Download IE Accelerator for free and fly

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IE Accelerator is a small application that allows the user to increase the browsing and download speed of Internet Explorer by Microsoft. Unlike other applications of this kind, this software doesn't change various registry entries, it actually modifies the amount of simultaneous connections that each browser window can have.

  Due to this, the browsing speed of each page increases exponentially as the amount of objects that a web page contains increases, because each connection takes care of a separate object.

  What is even better is that the speed will be multiplied by 200 to 600 per cent with regard to an Internet Explorer browser that doesn't use this application, and since it weighs so little, the rest of the computer won't even notice that you have it activated.

  Furthermore, the program is compatible with almost all the available versions of Windows, from Win98 to Windows 7, and offers full support for Internet Explorer after version 5.

  Therefore, if you want a tool that will help you to accelerate the browsing speed of Internet Explorer, thus saving a lot of time, download and try out IE Accelerator.
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The trial period lasts for 15 days.
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