IGTV Tips & Tricks: the best and ultimate guide to Instagram TV

Video is the present and future of communications. You only need to take a look at all the new social networks that are major hits right now such as TikTok, Vigo Video, Bigo Live or LIKE to realize what things are moving towards when it comes to sharing online contents. And all the important social platforms have also obviously noticed this trend and are now trying to introduce video-based functions to not lack behind, keeping their huge user base and trying to lure in the new generations.

For such purpose, settled social networks such as Facebook, with its Lasso app, or Snapchat with its stories, have decided to go for this format. Instagram hasn’t stayed behind and has released its own video service, both integrated into its main app as well as a standalone application under the name of IGTV, a sort of more social version of YouTube where we can share all kinds of videos in vertical format in order to bring in more and more subscribers for our channel.

Since it’s a relatively new platform, there are obviously plenty of doubts about how it works and how it’s used, therefore, we’ve deemed appropriate write up this short guide of tips and tricks to help you become and influencer in the field of Instagram videos. But, what exactly are we going to find here? Well, a long list of aids to become a true expert in IGTV, from the basics and most general guidelines in which we’ll explain what it is, how it works and how to use it to the slightest detail so you can make the most of the platform.

We’ll obviously focus on the main feature of this service, videos, explaining all the compatible formats, the maximum length allowed, the maximum size of the videos we can upload or the supported aspect ratios, providing you with all the steps necessary to upload your own videos to the platform and even download those belonging to other users or report them if you consider the contents inappropriate.

We’ll also talk about an important aspect such as the monetization of the service, trying to explain to you how to make money with this new Instagram function, which necessarily involves knowing how to create your own channel. Comparisons are odious but at this point talking about the common and different aspects regarding YouTube is almost a must.

And we’ll also deal with one of the most common doubts amongst new IGTV users: the difference between using the native function incorporated to the traditional Instagram app and downloading and installing the standalone IGTV APK. All the latter without forgetting about any other doubts or question you may want to ask about and that we haven’t yet answered in this section full of tricks and tops. For such purpose, you simply have to contact us through our social networks.

How to download videos from IGTV on Android

To be able to download IGTV videos, we’ll need to resort to an application of the likes of SaveIGTV which isn’t official and is developed by third-party creators that have nothing to do with Instagram since the app doesn’t offer us this possibility amongst its options. These are the steps to be followed to be able to download a video from Instagram TV on our Android:


How to upload videos to IGTV

There are two ways of uploading videos to IGTV (also known as Instagram TV). The first one is from the official Instagram or IGTV applications:


How to make money with your videos on IGTV

The way to monetize videos on IGTV is still unknown, but we expect income to be generated in two different manners: due to the adverts of sponsor and due to the money paid by Instagram for embedded adverts.


How to report a video uploaded to IGTV

To report a video on IGTV for Android devices, you have to follow these steps:


What video formats are compatible with IGTV

The format of the videos that we can upload to IGTV has to be MP4. This is one of the requirements to share videos on Instagram’s new video platform. But it’s obviously not the only one, so take notice of these other conditions that you’ll have to meet if you want to be able to upload your creations to this platform:


What aspect ratios are supported by IGTV

With regard to the aspect ratio of videos on IGTV, Instagram has stated that the latter has to range between 4:5 and 9:16. That means that the videos uploaded have to be vertical which can be a handicap for users that want to upload videos in horizontal format because if they do so, the latter will be shown vertically, forcing the viewers to rotate their device.


What is the maximum size of a video on IGTV

With regard to the maximum video size allowed for videos uploaded to IGTV, the latter varies depending on two aspects:


What is the maximum length of a video on IGTV

The length of the videos shared on IGTV, as well as their size, depends on two different aspects:


Differences between the IGTV app and the function built into Instagram

The only difference between both apps is the way we access this service: from Instagram we can access IGTV from the TV-shaped button on the upper right hand side of the main interface, which provides us with exactly the same functions and aspects as if we were to download this Instagram TV app and open it on our home screen.


IGTV and YouTube: comparison and differences

Although the purpose behind both platforms is to upload videos online, if we compare them, there are quite a few differences in aspects such as the following:


What is IGTV and what's it for?

IGTV is the platform created by Facebook and integrated into Instagram that allows us to share longer videos (up to 1 hour long) compared to those that we could share up to now on the social network. The idea is to be able to compete with YouTube as an online resource where users can share the contents they generate themselves and create a loyal userbase of subscribers that follow their channel and videos, becoming something similar to youtubers but now on Instagram.


How to use IGTV and how it works

Once you’ve accessed IGTV, you have to learn how to use it and how it works. But there’s no need to be worried because its functioning is very basic, and you’ll only need to know a few concepts:


How to create your own IGTV channel

There are two ways of creating an IGTV channel: from the official Instagram applications, whether the main app or the standalone IGTV or from Instagram’s website.