IGTV Tips & Tricks: the best and ultimate guide to Instagram TV

Instagram TV, also known as IGTV, is a video service created by Facebook that tries to compete with similar platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. This application, which works independently from the main client, was launched in June 2018 and is specially designed to make it easier to watch content from mobile devices.

Today, IGTV faces several challenges. Right now, posted content cannot be easily monetized by users, and their ad platform, IGTV Ads, is only available to a few selected accounts. Moreover, this video platform is not working out as successfully as expected. In fact, it is one of the least popular formats on Instagram, far outpaced by stories and Reels.

At Malavida, we offer you a long list of guides, tricks, and articles that will help you get the most out of the exclusive IGTV application. Let us tell you exactly what it is, what its main functions are, and how to take your first steps in it. Also, we review all the technical requirements needed to successfully post a video on the platform, such as the aspect ratio, resolution, or maximum size of the uploaded file. Also, there is a comparison between IGTV and YouTube that will help you know which one is better. Finally, do not miss the guides that explain how to create your own Instagram TV channel and upload your videos to it.

How to download videos from IGTV on Android

To download a video from IGTV, you must use a third-party app. The application, officially, does not let you save any of its contents in the internal memory. First of all, locate the video you want to download and open it. You can use the IGTV search.


How to upload videos to IGTV

Uploading videos to IGTV is very easy and you can do it in two different ways. First, you can post directly from your mobile device. To do this, open IGTV and tap on the button in the upper right-hand corner.


How to make money with your videos on IGTV

IGTV will let content creators monetize their videos with IGTV Ads. This advertising system has not yet been fully implemented and is only available on selected accounts. However, this is not the only way to generate income on IGTV.


How to report a video uploaded to IGTV

One of the objectives that Facebook officially pursues is to make its services a safe place for everyone. Because of this, content uploaded to any of their platforms can be reported. IGTV is not different, and therefore, lets you simply report any video.


What video formats are compatible with IGTV

You can only upload content in MP4 format to IGTV. Therefore, other popular video formats such as AVI, MKV, 3GP, or WMV are discarded. If you want to upload content created by yourself, you must export it to MP4 before posting it. On the contrary, if you want to upload a file downloaded from another source, use a video converter that supports conversion to MP4. This limitation of Instagram TV sets it apart from its more direct competitor, YouTube, which supports a greater number of formats.


What aspect ratios are supported by IGTV

Instagram TV, also known as IGTV, is a direct competitor of YouTube. However, unlike Google's platform, Facebook requires videos uploaded to the platform to meet specific requirements. One of the most remarkable is the one that has to do with the aspect ratio. If you want to post vertical videos, it must have a 9:16 ratio. On the other hand, if the content is to be displayed horizontally, it should present a 16:9 ratio. The above measurements correspond to the aspect ratio of most screens.


What is the maximum size of a video on IGTV

Instagram has defined very specific parameters that must be met for a video to be posted on IGTV. One of the most important is the maximum size of the original video file. For videos with a length of 10 minutes or less, the media file cannot exceed 650 MB. On the other hand, for longer content, the maximum size is set at 3.6 GB.


What is the maximum length of a video on IGTV

The maximum length of a video on IGTV may vary depending on the upload method. If you post a video from your mobile device, it cannot exceed 15 minutes. However, if you use the web version of IGTV, it is possible to upload videos up to 60 minutes long.


Differences between the IGTV app and the function built into Instagram

Instagram TV, also known as IGTV, is a streaming video platform that tries to compete with YouTube. Facebook has decided to launch an exclusive application for this service, unlinking it from the main Instagram application.


How to create your own IGTV channel

To create an IGTV channel, you must first open an account on Instagram. If you want to do it from your mobile device, open IGTV. Then, tap on Log in with Instagram.


IGTV and YouTube: comparison and differences

IGTV is a video service that aims to compete directly with other industry giants. Everyone knows that, with this platform integrated into Instagram, Facebook is trying to compete with Google and replicate the success of YouTube. But is IGTV achieving its goal? Can it stand up to its direct competitor? In this comparison, we will solve your doubts by comparing their applications in Android.


How to use IGTV and how it works

One of the advantages of IGTV over the main Instagram application is its simplicity. Since it does not require any other functions and focuses on viewing long videos, IGTV is much lighter and easier to use. Its homepage shows you content selected especially for you, based on your tastes and the profiles you follow. Just tap on any of the videos shown to start playing.


What is IGTV and what's it for?

IGTV, or Instagram TV, is a platform where users can post long videos, up to 60 minutes. Facebook launched IGTV in June 2018 to compete with other similar services, such as YouTube or Vimeo. One of its strengths is the full integration with Instagram, the world's most popular photography social network.


Translated by Manuel Sánchez