What is the maximum length of a video on IGTV

The maximum length of a video on IGTV may vary depending on the upload method. If you post a video from your mobile device, it cannot exceed 15 minutes. However, if you use the web version of IGTV, it is possible to upload videos up to 60 minutes long.

Additionally, there are other requirements that you must keep in mind. For example, the video format should be MP4. It is not possible to upload videos with a different extension, such as AVI or MKV. On the other hand, the maximum file size cannot exceed 650 MB, in the case of videos of 10 minutes or less, and 3.6 GB, in those contents with a longer duration. IGTV also requires videos to respect the 9:16 aspect ratio if they are vertical and 16:9 if they are horizontal. Finally, the frame rate must be 30 FPS and have a maximum resolution of 720p.

After all these specifications have been met, you need to set whether your video content meets Instagram's community standards. The service will remove any video that, for example, shows sexually explicit content, supports acts of violence or incites hatred. This regulation is very similar to that of other video services, such as YouTube.

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