Play without restrictions and download video via streaming from Firefox with Illimitux. Downloading Illimitux avoids the limitations of certain sites

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The annoying and bothersome restrictions established by certain video streaming platforms such as Veoh when it comes to accessing their contents can be avoided with Illimitux.

View videos without any limits

Illimitux is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to play video streams from these renowned platforms without any type of restriction. This application allows you to ignore time limits, or to download and view videos without having to wait.


  • Automatic release from restrictions on videos.
  • Automatic detection of videos.
  • Pop-up alert box.

How to use Illimitux

To use Illimitux you only have to pay attention to the pop-up window that will redirect you to the application's website where you can view the full video and without any sort of restriction.

Enjoy video streaming thanks to Illimitux.
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